Food for the Soul is a Christ-like ministry providing food and shelter for those in need in Kershaw County. 


What started as a dream has finally turned into reality. Years ago God gave several Kershaw County residents the same vision of a ministry to serve the hungry and homeless in our community. They talked about it among friends, fellow church members, and at work. In December of 2008 the dream began coming to life. Two local individuals left money in their estates to serve those in need in Kershaw County. Their gifts became the seed money for what we now know as Food for the Soul of Kershaw County.

In December of 2010 Food for the Soul completed construction on a new facility on the United Way Campus in Camden. In 2011 we began serving lunch to an average daily rate of 44 people on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of each week. Mt. Moriah still continues to serve on Monday and Saturday of each week. In November of 2011 we opened our doors for overnight shelter due to inclement weather. In 2012 we officially became a United Way partner Agency.


Food for the Soul serves as a kind of one stop shopping for those poverty stricken in Kershaw County. Here our guests can receive delicious, nutritious food that nourishes their bodies. They have access to showers and laundering to keep their hygiene needs met. We provide a shelter and a place to lay their heads every day of the week.  Our staff are caring and kind and work diligently in providing needed assistance to those who have nowhere else to turn.