Food for the Soul is a Christ-like ministry providing food and shelter for those in need in Kershaw County. 

Programs and Services

Food for the Soul provides a variety of progams and services to the surrounding community.

Food Services

If you don’t go home and you don’t go to work, will someone miss you and be concerned enough to check on you? How about us, that live on the street? Do you think anyone will know when we disappear into the night? Will anyone know that we are among the missing? Will anyone check?  Will anyone notice we are hungry, too?


Day Center Services

Imagine walking all day in frigid winter weather, you want so much to go home and take a hot shower and cozy up to a warm winter fire, in your fuzzy slippers and flannel pajamas. Now imagine you have no home, no clean running water and no clothes to change into. Stuck out in the cold, hungry and sick, praying someone notices and helps.


Homeless Sheltering

Just a soft, clean place to lay my head, that’s all, is that too hard to ask for? Why has the world forgotten me? How did I find myself separated from the society that I once was a part of? How can I get back onto my feet, when things feel so helpless?


Food for the Soul is that place that can help.