Food for the Soul is a Christ-like ministry providing food and shelter for those in need in Kershaw County. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of food donations do you accept?
FFtS will accept donations of canned, precooked, premade and prepackaged food.

When can I drop off my donation?
Donations will be accepted 7 days a week 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

What are the requirements for staying at the Shelter?
Anyone wishing to stay at the Shelter must be 18 or older, present identification, and be willing to abide by basic rules of conduct.

Does the Shelter help residents find jobs?
In an effort to not duplicate services that already exist in the community, the Shelter works closely with other agencies that provide employment and employment training to those looking for work.

How can I reach someone staying at the Shelter?
The names of residents who stay at the Shelter are kept confidential.

How long are people allowed to stay at the Shelter?
Residents who use the Shelter overnight may stay each night the shelter is open.